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By now, everyone has heard about cryptocurrency. But for most people the leap between hearing about crypto and understanding it has proved difficult. Cryptocurrency was created to take power away from banks and give it back to the people, and this cannot happen if nobody takes the time to explain how it works – which is where we come in.

When Bitcoin emerged in the wake of the financial crash, phrases like ‘the blockchain’ and ‘decentralised currency’ were new to everyone. This is a fact worth remembering: anyone who understands anything at all about cryptocurrency today has learnt everything they know in under a decade. With the right information, you can easily catch up.

Find the answers to your crypto questions quickly

We’ve already got to work comparing the different ways to buy and invest in cryptocurrency, especially when it comes to the one that started it all: Bitcoin. If you’re looking for information on something specific, then you’ll find it right here.

What we do

CryptoSupermarket’s aim is simple: we want to help everyone get to grips with cryptocurrency so they can feel confident investing in and using it.

We provide accessible, no-nonsense, and jargon-free information to make the world of crypto open to everyone – as it was always intended to be. On the site you can find easy-to-understand explanations of everything from the most basic concepts that underpin cryptocurrency, to the most technical ways it can be used.

Cryptocurrency, decrypted

Contrary to the current trend, it is possible to describe everything about cryptocurrency without ever needing to use language that you’d need a degree in computer science to understand. We’ll prove it to you. With our guides, you can quickly go from a novice to an expert in crypto, easily learn about mining, trading and have the confidence to assess each coin before investing any of your hard-earned money in it.

Who we are

CryptoSupermarket is made up of a team of people who have ridden the highs and lows of cryptocurrency from the very start. We connected through our shared annoyance with crypto’s growing depiction as something dense and complicated. Time after time we would hear sensible questions from interested people answered with only a load of incomprehensible technical babble.

After many nights ranting about this to each other at the pub, we realised that we could actually do something about it. So here we are.

Make better choices when comparing cryptocurrency

If we had to come up with one sentence describing what we want to help people to do, it would be this. Cryptocurrency is here to stay, and having done well out of it ourselves (and had great fun along the way), we want to bring other people along for the ride.

Have a look through CryptoSupermarket’s pages to start learning about wallets, exchanges and everything you’ll ever need to know about crypto, with no textbooks required.

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