Make better choices with cryptocurrency.

In one sentence, this is what we help people do. By now, everyone has heard about cryptocurrency, but it's hard to find accurate, plain-speaking information about it. This is where we come in.

So, let's get started.

Who we are.

The idea to create this platform for plain-speaking information about crypto came from old friends and tech-enthusiasts, Mike and Joe. They laid the foundations and then gathered a team of specialists to create CryptoSupermarket as a space to provide information about cryptocurrency for everyone, regardless of their current knowledge.

We all connected through our shared annoyance with the way cryptocurrency is depicted as something dense and complicated, as this only serves to exclude people from one of the most revolutionary financial developments in history. Time after time we would hear sensible questions from people answered with an unnecessary load of incomprehensible technical babble, so we set about changing the record.

Anyone who understands anything about crypto today knew nothing about it a decade ago.
With the right information, you can easily catch up.

What we do.

CryptoSupermarket’s purpose is simple: to help anyone understand cryptocurrency so they can feel confident investing in and using it.

We provide accessible, no-nonsense, and jargon-free information to make the world of crypto open to everyone – as it was always intended to be. On the site you can find easy-to-understand explanations of everything from the most basic concepts that underpin cryptocurrency, to the most technical ways it can be used.

And how we do it.

  • Teach: through our crypto courses you can learn everything you’ll ever need to know about cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology that powers it.
  • Review: we write in-depth reviews of every reputable service or platform, so you can understand which one best suits your needs.
  • Connect: once you know what you want to do, we’ll help you go to the right platform seamlessly and be ready and waiting to help again at any time.

CryptoSupermarket guided me through buying my first Bitcoin and Ethereum, answering all my questions simply and showing me exactly where to go. Now I regularly come back to learn about new coins I’m considering adding to my portfolio!

Henry Tillman, London-basedMonday 13th August 2018

Why invest in cryptocurrency?

If you've come here, then there's a high chance that this question is at the forefront of your mind. The truth is that there are many reasons for and against investing in crypto. Here are a few of the most important:


  • Cryptocurrencies have established themselves
  • Decentralisation hands power back to the people, something we're passionate about
  • Crypto has the potential to transform the world
  • The value of coins has risen considerably
  • Anonymous transactions and low fees worldwide


  • Cryptocurrencies can fluctuate considerably in value
  • Their future is not 100% secure
  • They are attractive to scammers and hackers

Begin your crypto venture today.

Have a look through CryptoSupermarket’s pages to start learning everything you’ll ever need to know about crypto and the best ways to invest in it. No textbooks required.

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