Compare what you can buy with bitcoin

All the Places You Can Shop with Bitcoin.

An increasing number of shops are starting to accept bitcoin payments, as it becomes clear cryptocurrency is more than a passing fad. You'll find all the best places to spend your coins on this page.

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What should I look for when paying with bitcoin?

Similarly to when you're spending money on anything, you want to find trustworthy retailers with great prices. The only difference when you're shopping with bitcoin as opposed to 'normal' currency is the payment method you're using.

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So, what can I buy with bitcoin in 2018?

Should I shop with bitcoin?


  • Bitcoin offers very fast transaction speeds
  • All transactions a transparent
  • There is no third-party involvement
  • You can shop anonymously


  • It's very hard, if not impossible, to get refunds
  • Not everywhere accepts bitcoin
  • Bitcoin's value fluctuates a lot compared to fiat (normal) currency

Bitcoin shopping: the best retailers who accept bitcoin.

Below you'll find all the retailers that accept bitcoin payments. There's more being added all the time so we're constantly updating our list.

These are highly volatile investment products. Your capital is at risk.

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