Compare Ethereum Poker Sites

Find the best poker site for your ether.

Playing poker with Ethereum is growing ever more popular. To help you find the best table, we've compared all your available options.

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What should I look for in Ethereum online poker?

You'll want to know that the site you're playing on is secure - especially when betting with Ethereum - and that it has a wide range of competitive tables. That's where we come in. We've compared all the Ethereum poker platforms to find those that offer the best poker and the most security.

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The most competitive sites for Ethereum gambling.

Here are the leading Ethereum poker websites on the internet. We've compared them all so you can find your ideal table.

Should I use Ethereum to play poker online?


  • Ethereum allows for more anonymous betting than regular sites
  • The fees are very low or non-existent when you gamble using ether
  • All payments are transparent
  • Ethereum offers very fast transaction speeds
  • Ethereum poker sites ensure secure transactions


  • There will always be fluctuation of Ethereum's value against normal currencies
  • Crypto poker sites are hard to regulate
  • Poker sites that support Ethereum can't offer refunds
  • You'll need a degree of technical knowledge to make payments

Frequent questions.

Do Ethereum poker sites offer bonuses?

Yes they do. These sites will usually offer you great bonuses, usually 50% to 200% initial deposit matching, and additional free rolls that might allow you to enter a tournament without having to pay the site. Some poker tables also offer rakebacks, allowing you to get a small portion of the rake charged by the site (a rake is simply a small amount that’s retained by the site from the pot of each game). Have a look at our in-depth reviews to see site-specific bonuses.

What makes Ethereum poker better than regular online poker?

In reality, many things. Firstly, Ethereum many poker sites are ‘provably fair’ meaning that you can confirm if the algorithm used to randomise the shuffle and deal of the cards is fair. Transaction fees and speeds are also much faster because of the lack of an intermediary such as a bank being needed. Poker players can also play with increased anonymity and not worry about their activities being traced back to them.

So I can only gamble Ethereum on the internet?

Yes. Physical casinos have not adopted Ethereum as method of payment for betting. This isn’t something set in stone, however, so this can change in the future.

Is it possible to gamble with other cryptocurrencies?

Yes. Many casinos accept a wide variety of coins. Most gambling sites that allow for Ethereum betting also usually allow for gambling with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and more cryptocurrencies.

Do I need a wallet to gamble with Ethereum?

Yes. To transfer ether into your account, you’ll need to send ether from a wallet address. This is the case for both gambling sites as well as smart contract casinos.

What rake do Ethereum poker sites take?

A rake is simply a small percentage of the pot taken by the house/site. Ethereum poker rakes tend to be lower than regular online tables. Generally they’re around 1% - 4%, with a common average being 2.5%. The rake for regular sites is usually around 5%.

And do any of them offer rakeback?

Yes, but not all of them. Some Ethereum poker sites offer rakebacks ranging from 10% to 60%.

Is there a minimum deposit amount?

It is likely there’ll be a minimum deposit amount, yes, but it will usually be very small. However, this is site dependent, so check with your chosen site before you make your initial deposit.

How do I make a deposit?

You will usually need to create an account. Some sites might only require an email address to allow you to gamble as anonymously as possible. Deposits can then subsequently be made from your Ethereum wallet to the site’s personal wallet address for you. Watch out if you’re transferring from an exchange wallet address, as some exchanges do not allow for such transactions.

If you’re gambling through a smart contract, you won’t usually need an account, as you can gamble with ether in your wallet and the winnings will be paid directly into your wallet.

Are Ethereum bets and payouts on the blockchain?

Yes and no. The Ethereum blockchain records movements of ether, so transactions such as moving your winnings to your wallet will be recorded. When using a gambling site, the actual individual information on bets might be kept on the gambling site. However, all payments and bets through smart contracts all occur on the blockchain.

What software is used by Ethereum poker sites?

Ethereum poker sites used to create their own proprietary software to allow them to accept cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. Most big software companies did not dare develop software for gambling sites because of the unregulated nature of cryptocurrencies. However, now that cryptocurrencies are being slowly integrated into regulation by governing bodies around the world, more of these big players such as Softswiss, Play N Go, Playtech, Netent, and Enterra among others have come in to make software for Ethereum poker.

Can I play peer-to-peer poker directly with Ethereum?

Currently, this is hard to find on reputable sites. However, many companies are experimenting with allowing users to create poker tables through ‘smart contracts’ on the Ethereum network, and we might see many reputable platforms incorporate this soon. Keep this page bookmarked so you can stay up to date with the latest developments around this area.

Do I need to download any software?

Once again, this depends on the gambling site. Sometimes, you’ll need to download software or browser extensions such as MetaMask if you want to use smart contract casinos. However, there are some sites that just require you to create an account before you start gambling.

What does ‘provably fair’ gambling mean?

The term ‘provably fair’ is very common in the online cryptocurrency gambling space. It’s basically a technology that utilises cryptographic hashes to eliminate the fear of a casino being unfair to users. What happens is that the site generates a hash every time a game starts and the user’s browser does the same. Once a bet has been made, neither the player nor the casino can interfere with a bet. When the game is completed, you are able to check and verify the hashes via a third party, proving that the game wasn’t interfered with. This is like checking if the algorithm used for the bet was fair.

Is Ethereum poker regulated?

This depends on where you are based. In the UK, poker websites offering their services to UK-based consumers must hold an operating license, and are obliged to comply with the rules laid out by the UKGC (UK Gambling Commision). This includes all sorts of digital currency poker such as Ethereum poker. Our in-depth reviews will provide you with detailed information regarding the regulatory status of any listed Ethereum poker game providers.

If you are not based in the UK, it is recommended that you check with your local gambling commission to see what their stance on Ethereum poker is.

Are my winnings tax free?

This depends on the country you’re in. It’s a complicated situation. You see, anonymity means that Ethereum can be hidden, but not declaring your winnings might carry risks. In the UK, gambling winnings are tax free, but it might be hard to prove your winnings were made through Ethereum gambling if you transfer your winnings into fiat currency.

Can I gamble with my ether anywhere in the world?

No. This depends on legislation and regulation in each and every individual country. Some countries have restrictions, and others don’t.

Is Ethereum gambling completely anonymous?

This is site dependent. Some sites allow you to gamble entirely anonymously without filling in any details, whereas others require you to fill out your personal details in order to open an account. Some might just need your email address.

So, how do I play poker with Ethereum in 2018?

What is Ethereum poker?

Exactly what it sounds like: playing poker with Ethereum. Because of the peer-to-peer nature of Ethereum transactions, its popularity as a payment method among poker tables has risen. As a result, lots of poker sites have come up recently to meet the increased demand.

How do Ethereum poker sites work?

The same as regular online poker sites do. You generally have to sign up for an account and then deposit ether into it before you can start playing. Some Ethereum poker sites only allow payments and bets in ether, whereas other sites accept both ether and fiat currency (pounds, euros, or dollars) as payment methods.

You may have heard of Ethereum poker smart contracts, which works slightly differently to regular online gambling. ‘Smart contracts’ are pieces of code on the Ethereum blockchain able to handle transactions automatically. The code that runs a poker game can be written as a smart contract to make betting easier. During a poker game the smart contract holds all bets in escrow, allowing users to stake ether directly from their wallets (and receive winnings instantly) while playing poker directly against other users.

Right now, the technology behind poker smart contracts are still being developed, so be sure to bookmark this page as we will update you will the latest information regarding smart contracts when it becomes available. For now, Ethereum poker is mostly conducted within regular gambling sites.

What options are there with Ethereum poker?

  • Tables with various limits. There are many different tables around, each with different betting limits. You will find some tables with a maximum 100 ether limit, whilst others might denote limits in fiat currency values.
  • Many different varieties of poker. Like regular poker sites, you can play a wide variety of different games, from Razz games, to 5-Card Draw, to 7-Card Stud, to Texas Hold ‘Em, and many more.
  • Tournaments. You can play a variety of tournaments with Ethereum poker. The good thing with Ethereum poker is that anyone can play high stakes tournaments, unlike on normal sites where these events are typically limited only to professionals. Some tournaments will have small prizes between 4 to 10 ether, whilst others will have incredibly high prizes of up to 100 ether or even more, depending on the site and table.

Find Ethereum poker bonus codes and free bets

Most Ethereum poker sites have bonuses geared towards both new and existing customers. These include free rolls that allow you to enter into tournaments without paying, rakebacks that let you take back a small portion of the rake that a site collects, and initial deposit matching, which can range between 50% and 200%.

Is depositing and withdrawing faster with Ethereum poker?

Absolutely. Fast transactions are one of the primary advantages of playing poker using Ethereum. Transactions on the Ethereum network are executed instantly, and are usually completed much faster than regular currency transactions or even those on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Are there limits on Ethereum poker tables?

Yes. Different poker tables usually have different limits. These include:

  • Betting limits. A general betting minimum is around 0.01ether. However, the maximum is usually determined by the table you choose, as well as the platform you choose to use.
  • Deposit limits. Often there’ll be a minimum deposit amount on Ethereum poker sites, but they are usually site-dependent. A general maximum deposit per individual transaction is 25 ether.
  • Withdrawal limits. Most Ethereum poker sites don’t have withdrawal limits, meaning that you can withdraw all your winnings to your wallet in one go. However, of those that do, you might see fixed fiat currency withdrawal limits, such as £1,000 worth of ether a day, or £25,000 worth of ether a month.

What are the transaction fees when depositing or withdrawing?

Most Ethereum poker sites don’t charge anything for deposits and withdrawals. However, you will be subject to a network processing transaction fee by the Ethereum blockchain in (known as ‘gas’), which is usually a fee of under £1 worth of ether that goes towards miners for verifying your transaction.

Is Ethereum poker available on my phone?

Although you will not find many Ethereum poker sites with apps on the Google Play Store or App Store, most have optimised their websites to allow users to play poker easily via mobile.

Is playing poker with Ethereum legal?

This depends on where you are located. In the UK, playing poker with digital currencies such as Ethereum is completely legal. However, only poker platforms that hold a license by the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) are permitted to provide Ethereum poker to UK customers. Our reviews will explain the regulatory status of all our recommended Ethereum poker providers.

If you are not based in the UK, be sure to check with your local legislation to ensure that you are being compliant with the law.

How do I know they’re not rigged?

Ethereum poker sites are not rigged, and you can verify this yourself. Legitimate sites use a concept known as ‘provably fair’, whereby they allow you to have a look at the algorithm used in the poker game or table. This allows users to verify whether the shuffle and deal of the cards was fair and random and ensure they’re not playing on a rigged table.

How do’s reviews work?

Great question. Our team of crypto experts diligently researches both existing and new Ethereum poker sites and tables. We specifically focus on the following criteria when assessing a site: user experience, value for money, range of games, and security.

What are the risks of gambling with ether?

Honestly, there are very few, but they include:

  • Fluctuations in price. The changing price of ether could mean you’re potentially gambling with more than you want to – but if you don’t intend on exchanging your ether for fiat currency this will not be important to you.
  • Disingenuous sites. Just like regular betting sites, you may be gambling on a website or casino that runs disingenuous algorithms, which could be designed to benefit the service provider in an illegitimate way.

Ultimately, be sure to look at our reviews, as we will only provide you with secure and trusted sites.

And what are the advantages?

There are multiple advantages of gambling with ether, which include:

  • Lower transaction fees. The processing fee for a network transaction on the Ethereum blockchain (‘gas”) is a low fee, usually less than £1 worth of ether.
  • Faster transaction speeds. A transaction made through the Ethereum blockchain is automatically executed, meaning that transaction speeds are much faster as there is no intermediary that needs to process payment.
  • Lower rakes. The rake (small cut taken from the pot by the poker site) for ‘normal’ poker sites tends to be around 5%, whereas with Ethereum poker sites this figure is commonly between 1% and 4%.
  • Anonymity. Not all sites will give you total anonymity (although some automatically create an anonymous account for you), as you will need to create an account to play. But movements of ether to and from your wallet are anonymous, and typically all you’ll need to register for an account is an email address, making Ethereum poker far more anonymous than with regular sites.
  • Decentralised poker tables. With smart contracts being developed to play poker through the Ethereum blockchain, users might soon be able to play peer-to-peer poker without a third party running the poker tables.

Should I play poker with Ethereum?

If you are a fan of poker and love the idea of playing anonymously, having your payouts process instantly, and paying lower fees, then playing poker with Ethereum could be a great option for you.

How do I get started?

This is the easy part. We have created a selection of sites and detailed reviews to guide you to the best Ethereum poker site to use.

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