Coinbase introduces the ‘Coinbase bundle’ to facilitate crypto trading

Popular online wallet service and cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase has launched a new update dubbed the ‘Coinbase Bundle’ that is expected to help simplify cryptocurrency trading.

The bundle

In an announcement posted on September 27, Coinbase noted that it has created a cryptocurrency bundle comprised of five cryptocurrencies, which is proportional to the market capitalisation of each coin in terms of total market capitalisation. The five cryptocurrencies that make up the bundle are: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin (LTC). Right now, bundles go for as cheap as £25, $25, or €25. The moment a customer buys a bundle, each type of cryptocurrency will be stored in their respective Coinbase wallets and be sold, bought, received, or sent as an individual asset.

Coinbase is optimistic that it will become popular amongst investors in main markets who want to buy a diversified share of cryptocurrencies. It, therefore, hopes to introduce the bundle to all users worldwide within the next few weeks.

Coinbase Learn and Informational Asset pages

Apart from the Coinbase Bundle, the exchange is now looking to host ‘Informational Asset Pages’ regarding the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation. In addition, a new ‘Coinbase Learn’ section where newcomers to cryptocurrencies will get a whole load of information on matters crypto trading.

Updates galore

Coinbase has launched this update hot on the heels of its recent announcement of a new process that will see it list new assets that are compliant with local law much faster. People who wish to have their tokens or cryptocurrencies launched on Coinbase as a listed asset will now be able to fill in a special form, which is based on Coinbase’s digital asset framework.

Unmatched ambition

Coinbase has become increasingly ambitious in its mission to make the cryptocurrency space more vibrant. In fact, it was reported earlier this month that Coinbase might be launching a new cryptocurrency-based exchange traded fund (ETF) proposal to the SEC. It was rumoured that Coinbase would partner up with BlackRock, the asset management giant. It appears to be a matter of time before we see the results of this discussion as it is not yet clear whether the negotiation has been concluded.


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