CoolBitX partners with Charlie Lee and the Litecoin Foundation to launch the CoolWallet S in the US

The cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturer, CoolBitX has just announced its partnership with the Litecoin Foundation, headed by Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin (LTC).

Warming up to a US audience

CoolBitX have made this move on the backdrop of its impending CoolWallet S launch in the United States. The partnership aims to make the US audience more receptive to the Taiwan-based company. So far, Michael Ou, CoolBitX’s CEO, and the CoolBitX team have made great strides in the cryptocurrency storage and security space within the last year, considering the wallet’s performance versus older competitors such as Ledger and Trezor.

Two is better than one

By partnering with Litecoin Foundation, CoolBitX now brings Charlie Lee, Litecoin’s founder as an official advisor for CoolBitX. The two corporations will be teaming up to launch a co-branded CoolWallet S that will be put on sale exclusively at the Litecoin Summit event, as well as on the Litecoin Foundation’s website. This will allow CoolBitX to make its first steps into the American market. This is the first major move CoolBitX have made since receiving a large amount of funding from Japanese FinTech heavyweight SBI Holdings in exchange for 40% of the company.

Working with Charlie Lee

This move enables Charlie Lee to bring his expertise on cryptocurrency adoption to the table. Michael Ou spoke briefly about the opportunity:

At CoolBitX, we want to eliminate pure, insecure software wallets and bring hardware wallets up to date by introducing the CoolWallet S,” said Michael Ou, Founder and CEO of CoolBitX. “We’re proud to be launching the CoolWallet S in America as a bridge between blockchain and greater audiences. This is an exciting opportunity to partner with Charlie Lee and the Litecoin Foundation, and we look forward to being the next generation of blockchain pioneers.

CoolWallet in 2018

CoolWallet S has garnered notable commercial success this year, especially within the first three quarters of 2018. Based on its great sales performance and the partnership with the Litecoin Foundation, CoolBitX has reduced the price of the CoolWallet S to $99 ahead of its US launch. It also recently announced compatibility with the ShapeShift exchange platform, allowing wallet users to exchange cryptocurrency on the go.


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