Dell explores blockchain to drive server expansion in India

Dell revealed that it is looking to explore newer products with blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and analytics in order to retain its prime position as the server solution leader in the Indian market.

Technology Giant Dell EMC Technologies is one of the most recent companies that have revealed its plans to implement blockchain technology into their services. The firm told India’s Economic Times that it was looking to utilise blockchain technology amongst other emerging technologies such as analytics and artificial intelligence to explore new products and maintain its position as the country’s server market leader.

The Senior Director and General Manager of Infrastructure Solutions Group at Dell EMC India, Manish Gupta, said:

The clients that we work with are looking to tap these technologies, which is why we are bringing in servers that allows them to optimise on traditional workloads as well as invest into new age workloads such as cloud, artificial intelligence, analytics and blockchain.

New PowerEdge MX servers

According to Gupta, there’s an increase in demand for technological advancements from various sectors, including IT, financial services insurance, banking, and governments, who are now interested in investing in modern architectures.

Speaking about the new server that the company intends to build, Gupta said that:

With the launch of our new servers PowerEdge MX, we are aiming to bring in modern architecture along with scalability.

Although it’s clear that Dell will use blockchain to advance its server, the extent to which the PowerEdge MX will support blockchain has not yet been revealed.

Blockchain technology to continue the success of Dell?

Dell, whose server and networking business model saw it earn a revenue of £3.88 billion ($5.1 billion) globally in the second quarter of this year, believes that blockchain could be the missing link to help it continue its success and maintain its position as the leading server solution provider in India.

Growing blockchain adoption

The inclusion of blockchain as a potential technology is a sign of growing adoption amongst big companies and organisations around the world.

For instance, yesterday the Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), a national cooperative comprising of dairy farm families in the U.S., said that it will be testing the capabilities of blockchain in the areas of food and agriculture in a bid to increase supply chain transparency as well as connect its farmer-owners directly to customers. The cooperative partnered with, a food tech startup using blockchain technology.


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