Monero warns:’s Chrome extension compromised, the famous file sharing service have had their official Chrome extension compromised due to the implementation of a malicious code that intercepts passwords, usernames and even private keys for cryptocurrency asset Monero (XRM).

In a stern warning posted through its Twitter and Reddit accounts, Monero has advised holders of XRM to avoid MEGA by all means at this time.

Suspicious Redittors

Following the heads up by Monero, several other Redditors also expressed their sentiments on the issue in the discussion thread. One user, u/gattacus, expressed his suspicion regarding the update:

There was an update to the extension and Chrome asked for new permission (read data on all websites). That made me suspicious and I checked the extension code locally (which is mostly javascript anyways). MEGA also has the source code of the extension on GitHub […] There was no commit recently. To me it looks either their Google Webstore account was hacked or someone inside MEGA did this. Pure speculation though.

As of right now, the Chrome extension is currently not available on the Chrome Web Store for download. Clicking its download link will now lead you to a 404 error.

Monero’s use in illegal activities

Despite some constant claims that XRM is not safe, the cryptocurrency has been touted by its developers as an untraceable cryptocurrency. Unsurprisingly, it has been the target of several illegal and illicit activities. In fact, there have been various instances where hackers have used the power of the computer to mine XRM in secret. A McAfee report in June found that 2.9 million samples of malware using the Coinhive code (A program used to mine Monero on a web browser) were used to mine Monero on several government and university websites.

Being amongst the top ten cryptocurrencies and boasting over $2 billion in market capitalization, this news might cause fear amongst Monero supporters. However, it is worth noting that this recent development has nothing to do with the Monero platform or cryptocurrency itself.


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