PornHub partners with PumaPay to offer revolutionary crypto payments

Pornhub, the Canadian adult content website just announced its intention to integrate PumaPay to enable its users to create recurring crypto payments for its subscription.

In its bid to position itself as one of the leaders in crypto adoption online, Pornhub has recently been involved in major cryptocurrency related activities. Its plans to establish a crypto payment system comes just months after it accepted Verge (XVG) as a payment method for its premium subscriptions. In a YouTube video dubbed “Pornhub and PumaPay save the world”, Pornhub promoted this partnership as one of its most ambitious projects yet.

This makes PumaPay one of the latest crypto payment methods to be integrated into Pornhub. In a statement to PCMag, Corey Price, Pornhub’s vice president said:

As one of the most viewed websites in the world with over 90 million daily visitors, it is our duty to stay at the forefront of innovation and ensure the privacy of our users. As decentralised payment systems continue to grow in popularity, cryptocurrencies are especially viable in the adult entertainment industry because they incorporate more anonymity tools than traditional tender.

This partnership compares to a crypto direct debit card, especially considering its integration will be purely based on “PullPayment protocol, Pumapay” a native payment system. This allows for transactions like pay-per-use and recurring payments that have been a challenge to execute on the blockchain. Yaov Dror, PumaPay’s CEO is quick to explain in a statement to PCMag how Pornhub stands to benefit from the PullPayment protocol:

PumaPay’s technological solution, the PullPayment protocol, reverses the mechanics of a transaction, enabling merchants to ‘pull’ crypto funds from their customers’ account. With PumaPay, merchants avoid the drawbacks of the current banking systems, such as high transaction costs, the insecurity of chargebacks (reverse transactions) and associated fines, and the lack of customer anonymity.

With Pornhub having led the way in integrating PumaPay’s PullPayment protocol, it is easy to see how this technology could also apply to other subscription-based websites.

There has too been interest from other adult entertainment websites to integrate blockchain and cryptocurrency into their platforms. This includes Tube8, a Pornhub subsidiary that announced its plans to create a blockchain-powered platform where views can be rewarded in the form of crypto.

Earlier in March, Playboy Enterprises had also revealed plans to create an online wallet that will make it possible for its customers to pay for the company’s media through cryptocurrency.


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