Cointree & Gobbill make paying utilities bills with Bitcoin possible for Australians

Australian crypto-enthusiasts are delighted as fin-tech startups Gobbill and Cointree partner up, facilitating the use of cryptocurrencies to pay for utility bills.

Until now, users have been concerned over their ability to use cyptocurrencies. This signifies a huge shift for all. The move by locally operated Gobbill and Cointree ensure all Aussies pay their bills in cryptocurrency.

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We believe this a major step towards a positive future adoption of cryptocurrencies. With more big-name brands accepting the likes of Bitcoin, at least, it’s becoming more and more feasible that we could be in an all-digital currency age within a 25 year period, claims Director, Michael Charalambous.

The middleman effect

Part of the ‘problem’ they’ve solved is that many vendors are still unwilling to accept crypticurrecies. However, the two firms have made it possible for Aussies to pay any bill, regardless of where they accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. They do this by acting as the ‘middleman’, taking the funds from its users in form of cryptocurrency, and then making the bill payments on their behalf in local Australian dollar.

Shendon Ewans, Gobill’s co-founder admits that he regrets having entered the crypto space “late”, yet states it helps make the partnership with Cointree even more attractive. Ewans notes:

I have traded, but not very successfully. That was the appeal of Cointree. I’m a novice and I’m surrounded by people at [fintech co-working space] Stone and Chalk, who are deep crypto specialists. Fast forward into the future and what we’re seeing is, like it or not, this will be part of our daily lives. Gobbill already let people pay bills from their cards or bank accounts, so now they can pay in cryptocurrency too.

The best thing about this deal is the fact that both firms have the requisite approvals. While Gobill is licensed under Australia’s ASIC, Cointree on the other hand has a license from AUSTRAC. This means that each of these have met the counter terrorist and money laundering financial obligations, ensuring their a safe bet for users.

Spreading their international wings

While Cointree was already a prominent company in the space, the partnerships with Gobill can open up the market to even users looking to adopt the crypto mindset. Eventually, we expect this to open up to the international market, either through expansion or partnerships too.

If Cointree and Gobbill want to stay ahead though, they’d best move fast.


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