Wikipedia’s founder Larry Sanger launches Everipedia, brings knowledge-sharing to the blockchain

One of the founders of Wikipedia, Larry Sanger, has launched an encyclopedic platform called Everipedia, which aims to bring knowledge-sharing onto the EOS blockchain. The idea of the project is simple: providing an incentivised system for content creators and writers to create a more resourceful and reliable online encyclopedia in comparison to Wikipedia. Today, Everipedia successfully launched its mainnet and have moved away from its standard web-hosting service.

A large problem that Wikipedia faces is that numerous articles are often changed or hacked, usually with the intention of misinforming readers. Everipedia aims to nurture an honest environment that encourages content creators to write and produce legitimate content only through its token incentive scheme. The token (known as IQ) already exists, and grants holders voting rights and governance within the network, therefore making each and every contributor an individual shareholder. Part of the blockchain aspect of the project will mean that stories and content can easily be authenticated or unauthenticated.

According to the project team, there are currently more than six million English articles live on its platform, making it the largest English encyclopedia in the world by content.

Blockchain’s promise of improving transparency

Everipedia is a great example of using blockchain technology to better provide for transparency. It eradicates the possibility for misinformation by ensuring that the content shared is 100% unique, legitimate, and uncensored through its decentralised platform. Everipedia is still in its early days, but it has already gone live. Eventually, the platform expects to become the leader in information sharing over Wikipedia.


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